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What We Do



We are delighted to be UK's prominent provider of Sharia compliant trading accounts.

Self Select Trading (or Trading Accounts) offers you the ability to trade in a wide range of Ethicaland Sharia compliant investment funds, ETFs and UK shares within a variety of tax wrappers including Stocks & Shares ISA and a personal pension. This is a non-advice execution only service for those who wish to make their own investment decisions.

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Simply Ethical does not make a personal recommendation to you in relation to any of the execution only services and we are not required to assess their suitability for you; therefore you will not benefit from FCA rules on assessing suitability.



We are delighted to be UK's first Sharia compliant Robo-Adviser that helps individuals invest ethically.

Simplified Advice Online is simply an online investment advice service which asks you a number of questions to understand your investment objectives and risk profile to then allocate you to a suitable portfolio of investment that are managed by us on an ongoing basis as your appointed Discretionary Investment Manager.  

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We believe receiving financial advice on your financial matters helps you better understand your needs, set clear objectives and benefit from a practical plan that achieve those needs and objectives, much more quickly.

Some benefits of financial advice:

  • Our Advisers can help clarify your needs and priorities, assess requirements and advise on solutions that acheive your objectives
  • Help you understand important jargon relevant to your finances
  • Help you avoid some financial pitfalls like running out of money in retirement, taking too much risk on investments or paying too much tax
  • Peace of mind

We offer personal financial advice in a number of areas, including the following:

  • Advice on the most appropriate investment strategy to help meet your objectives
  • Advice on tax efficient investments wrappers, including ISAs
  • Investment planning advice to Tier 1 visa applicants
  • Advice on court of protection and personal injury cases
  • Investment planning for children future
  • Advice to individuals and business owners on retirement planning and pensions
  • Pension switching advice on defined contribution schemes including workplace pension schemes and personal pensions

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Learn more about our Ethical investment values

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We are one of UK's most prominent Investment Manager dedicated to Ethical and Sharia compliant investment management.

As your Investment Manager, we select and actively manage your investment portfolio to help you achieve your personal goals. Our managed portfolios are available to both private clients or intermediaries like IFA's, Wealth Managers and other Adviser's to help support the relationship between them and their clients.

Our investment portfolios may consist of a diversified range of selected funds, ETFs and direct equities that we believe helps achieve optimum results based on a given risk profile.

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Learn more about our Ethical investment values

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