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Welcome to Simply Ethical

Simply Ethical is a financial services firm authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We are dedicated to offering Ethical and Sharia compliant investments and pension solutions for private, corporate and intermediary clients. Our team has over 70 years of experience working in the financial services industry, which has included creating financial solutions,managing investments, structuring investments, raising finance, and advising clients on various financial matters including investments, pensions, estate planning and tax planning.

Our vision is to make ethical investments the prime way of saving, so that people contribute positively to society, whilst investing to achieve their financial goals.

To achieve our vision, we consistently remain focused on three key factors:

1. Provision of holistic and competitive offering accessible to all - we have devised our proposition to service clients regardless of their personal wealth, investment amount or whether they require financial advice or not. Our Self Select service aims to help those with smaller amounts to invest or those who wish to make their own investment decisions. Whilst, our financial advisory and investment management services are available for those who require our help or those who want us to manage their investments. We continously monitor our services and charges to ensure we stay ahead of competition. 

2. Positive contribution to society - we deliver a service proposition where your invested money helps you contribute positively to society. By offering access to ethical investments that deliver positive economic, social and environmental impact, we all help create a better world for everyone. We all want to see businesses giving workers, suppliers and other stakeholders a fair deal and have a favourable view of those that take on board their responsibility towards wider society. Not only is this a socially responsible approach, but we genuinely believe businesses are more likely to build a strong, sustainable long term business if they employ ethical values. To learn more about our Ethical values, please click here.

3. Focus on financial goals - Whilst adhereing to our ethical values, we never lose sight of devising solutions that deliver performance to help meet your life goals.

We appreciate the trust placed in us and we hope to establish a long term relationship based on professionalism, fairness, transparency and constant commitment to adding value for you. We’re constantly striving to provide the best possible ethical solutions for our clients and we believe this is just one of the reasons we were named the Winner of Islamic Finance Firm of the Year - UK in Finance Monthly Magazine M&A Awards 2014

Let's work together to achieve positive social impact without compromising your financial goals.

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