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What is it

Self Select Portfolio service combines our investment expertise with the freedom for individuals to make their own investment choices.

It is suitable for those comfortable selecting their own risk profile and portfolio without the provision of advice or need for active investment portfolio management. Those who don't have time or are seeking a ready-made solution with our valuable input may want to consider this service.

Simply Ethical does not make a personal recommendation to you in relation to the risk profiles or the portfolios of funds relating to each risk profile and we are not required to assess their suitability for you; therefore you will not benefit from FCA rules on assessing suitability.

Key features of our Self Select Portfolio service is as follows:

Investment choice - freedom for you to select your own risk profile and investment portfolio.

Selection of tax wrappers - you can hold your selected portfolio in Stocks & Shares ISA, Junior ISA and pension.

Rebalancing portfolio - we will not actively manage your portfolio; however we will ensure that the original allocation applicable to your portfolio is maintained through biannual rebalancing on set dates. Rebalancing will return each of the fund holdings within the portfolio to the original allocation weightings.

24/7 online access - you will have 24/7 secure online access to view your investment portfolio.

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