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Balanced portfolio - medium risk

Choosing this portfolio constitutes an instruction to us to buy each fund comprising the portfolio in accordance with stated allocation weightings. You must decide whether this risk profile and portfolio is appropriate for you and assess each fund within the portfolio you select using the Key Investor Information Document (KIID) and other documents for each fund, prior to setting up an account.

Simply Ethical will not actively manage your portfolio. We do not exercise any discretion in relation to the ongoing composition of your portfolio. We will only rebalance your portfolio quarterly on set dates. Rebalancing will return each of the fund holdings within the portfolio to the original stated allocation weightings.

Should you feel that any risk profile and portfolio composition is not suitable, you may then consider Self Select Investing service which allows you to buy & sell wide range of investments in whatever proportion or amount you deem appropriate.

Investment details correct as at 30 June 2018.


Key Facts

Portfolio name Balanced portfolio - medium risk
Portfolio objectives To generate a higher level of return than cash, utilising a core exposure to equity investment. The objective of this portfolio is to achieve medium to long term growth of capital and income through investment in collective investment schemes (funds). The portfolio aim to provide exposure equally between relatively lower risk investments like bonds and equities. You should look to invest in this portfolio for a minimum of five years.
Risk profile Medium risk You are balanced in your attitude towards risk. You don’t seek risky investments but you don't avoid them either. You understand that you have to take investment risk in order to be able to meet your long term goals. You are likely to be willing to take risk with part of your assets.You are prepared to accept fluctuations in the value of your investments to try and achieve better long term returns. You are prepared to accept small losses, particularly in the short term, to gain higher returns than simply investing in low or medium risk investments. You may have up to half of your portfolio invested in a balanced mix of lower and medium-risk investments such as bonds and property and the other half invested in higher-risk investments such as equities. You are prepared to tolerate frequent and at times significant fluctuations in value.
Number of fund holdings 6
Income yield (annual)  


Rebalancing frequency Biannually
Rebalance dates 12th day of January and July. Please read Self Select Service Terms and Conditions for complete details.


Average KIID ongoing charge


(View KIID document for each fund to see individual fund ongoing charges)

Simply Ethical fee See Our charges

Wrapper Availability


Minimum investment to open account

Investment account, Joint investment account, ISA acccount, Junior ISA account 

£2,500 OR

£1,000 plus £100 per month

SIPP account

£5,000 OR

£3,000 plus £100 per month


Balanced portfolio - medium risk


Fund name % of portfolio Key documents
KIID Factsheet Prospectus Reports & Accounts
Franklin Global Sukuk I Acc USD  32% PDF doc PDF doc PDF doc PDF doc
Aberdeen Islamic Global Equity I USD 32% PDF doc  PDF doc PDF doc PDF doc
Oasis Crescent Global Equity F GBP Acc 15% PDF doc PDF doc PDF doc PDF doc
Oasis Crescent Global Income F GBP Acc 8% PDF doc PDF doc  PDF doc PDF doc
Oasis Crescent Global Property Equity F £ 8% PDF doc PDF doc  PDF doc PDF doc
Cash (UK) 5%        


Asset Allocation

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