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Our approach

Our approach to delivering the Self Select Portfolio service consists of three key steps as follows:

Defining risk profile - the key step prior to determining risk-adjusted investment portfolio is to clearly define risk. We have devised the risk profile spectrum, which defines a number of risk profiles and their features to help us build portfolios for each risk profile.

Selecting investments for portfolios - Here we select investments and come up with portfolios based on given risk profile. We perform thorough due diligence on each fund we select as part of the portfolio. We look at a number of factors, including fund objectives, investment strategy, fund composition, ethical criteria and charges amongst many other key factors, along with how best the fund fits within overall portfolio we create for each risk profile.  Each portfolio targets a different level of risk.

Rebalancing - Once we have devised a portfolio, we will not actively manage your portfolio; however we will ensure that the original allocation applicable to your portfolio is maintained through quarterly rebalancing on set dates. Rebalancing will return each of the fund holdings within the portfolio to the original allocation weightings.

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