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4 steps to investing

To help guide you through investing, we have devised a four step journey beginning with identification of your objectives to opening an account that helps you think, learn, plan and then act. Our four part journey is as follows:

1. Identify your financial goals - the first and the most important thing is to identify your objectives. Depending on where you are in life, your objectives may vary. When you are young, your objective may be to save for a house purchase, however, during retirment your main objective may be to maximise your retirement income.  We have stated the most common objectives to help you start thinking about your possible objectives. Whatever your objectives, as long as you are aware, you can plan to achieve it.

2. Plan how much to invest - this section offers a number of useful calculators varing from savings calculator to the one that informs you of your state pension age. The calculators will help you plan and quantify your goals.

3. Decide where to invest - Once you know your objectives and how much you need to invest, the next step is to pick the right investments that work for you. We offer access to a wide range of ethical funds, ETFs and UK shares. Key information on funds and ETFs is provided to help you decide which investments to select.

4. Choose an account - we offer five different accounts types, including ISAs and pension. Each account serves a certain objective, please review the section to learn what account(s) works for you.


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