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Our charges

The following charges stated below apply to ALL accounts including, Investment Trading Account, Joint Investment Trading Account, Stocks and Shares ISA Trading Account, Stocks and Shares Junior ISA Trading Account and SIPP Trading Account.

Initial charges

Set up cost No charge
Cash payment in
  • No charge on cash transfers if you instruct your bank directly to make payments into your account with us.
  • However, there may be charges if payments are made from the payment functionality on the investment platform. These are 3rd party payment provider charges. You will be informed of the charges prior to payment.
You may choose to make cash payments by either option.
Transfer in No charge 

Ongoing charges

Annual administration charge

(applicable on all investments, including unit trusts, OEICs, investment trusts, ETFs, VCTs, shares and cash)

This charge applies to each account separately. It is tiered within bands as follows:

  • 0.45% per annum for the first £250,000;
  • 0.25% per annum between £250,000 and £1m; and
  • 0.10% per annum above £1m.

This charge is subject to a minimum of £12.50 per quarter. This charge is calculated daily, based upon the value of your investments and charged to the account at quarterly intervals on 31st March, 30th June, 30th September and 31st December each year.

Dealing or trading fee

Applies every time you buy or sell unit trusts, OEICs, investment trusts, ETFs, VCTs and UK shares

£5.95 per trade (online only)

Other charges

Telephone dealing (currently not available) All telephone dealing instructions will be subject to an additional dealing charge of £25.
Dividend administration charge £2 per dividend administration charge for each distribution (including accumulation distributions) allocated to the account, limited to the value of the distribution allocated where less than £2.
Receiving statements, contract notes and business confirmations in paper format £10 plus VAT every 6 months
Receiving Company Reports and Accounts £10 per report for supplying on request, a company’s Interim Report or Annual Report and Accounts
Arrange company meetings £10 per occasion to arrange for you to attend and vote at company meetings
Cash withdrawal paid to your nominated bank account No charge
Same day payment Same day payments will incur a charge of £20
Cash transfer out to another provider £15
Stock transfer to another provider or in your name £15 per holding
Account closure fee £25 plus VAT

Taxes and Levies

Stamp Duty or Stamp Duty Reserve Tax (SDRT)

Stamp duty or SDRT on all UK share purchases is payable at the prevailing rate at the time of dealing.

The current rates are:

  • 0.5% SDRT on UK share purchases settled through CREST, rounded up to the nearest 1p.
  • 0.5% stamp duty on UK share purchases not settled through CREST, rounded up to the nearest £5.

Stamp Duty apply primarily to transactions when you buy:

  • Shares in a UK company
  • Shares in a foreign company with a share register in the UK
From 28 April 2014, SDRT & Stamp Duty will no longer be chargeable on transactions in eligible securities on London Stock Exchange’s AIM and High Growth Segment.
PTM (Panel on Takeover and Mergers) £1 on all UK share deals over £10,000

Additional SIPP (pension) charges - The following SIPP charges are in addition to the above charges. All SIPP fees are subject to VAT, which is currently 20%.

Establishment fee (Uncrystallised)

Establishment fee No charge

Annual administration fee (Uncrystallised)

Annual fee

£90 plus VAT per annum. The fee will be deducted on a yearly basis, a year from when your SIPP was established. 

Taking benefits (Crystallised)

Establishment fee £75 plus VAT
Annual fee £190 plus VAT per annum. The fee will be deducted on a yearly basis, a year from when your SIPP was established.

Other charges

Transfer in No charge 
Transfer out No charge
Divorce cost fees  £750 plus VAT
Paying Death Benefits £300 plus VAT
Administration fee if Non Standard Asset is held £250 plus VAT per annum


The investments you choose may have their own initial and annual charges and bid/offer spread, set and levied by the manager of that investment. Please read the Key Investor Information Document (KIID), prospectus, factsheet and the key documents for your chosen investment carefully. Stamp duty may also be applicable for certain shares.

The charges above (excluding SIPP) will be shared between JBS and Simply Ethical as agreed between both parties. Simply Ethical or JBS does not receive anything from the above SIPP charges.

The SIPP allows access to standard or mainstream investments only. Please contact us, should you have any queries.

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