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Helpful market and research tools

Make informed decisions with news, analysis and stock trading tools. Once you open an account with us, you will have access to helpful market and research tools.

Stock Screener - the tool allows you to screen stocks according to sectors, financial ratios, technicals and company fundamentals. So for example, if you are looking for shares with a minimum of 4% dividend yield from a mining sector – you can simply use the tool to find the relevant companies within seconds. The tool offers screening based on over 70 variables, some variables are as follows:

  • Growth ratios – revenue growth, profit growth, EPS growth
  • Income ratios – dividend yields, dividend cover
  • Valuation ratios – P/E, Price to book, price to sales
  • Financial strength – NAV per share, net gearing
  • Management effectiveness – operating margin, ROCE
  • Fundamentals – revenue, operating profit, assets, cashflow variables
  • Technical – RSI, MACD and so on

Charting tool - a comprehensive charting tool allowing you to plot charts on companies, indices, and other securities over different time periods. Where applicable, you can overlay various moving averages to view share price trends and view a range of key technical indicators to help analyse price changes in more detail.


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