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Investment performance

At Simply Ethical we aim to help clients make their wealth work for them. We are keen to see the value of your investments go up in the long term so that you meet your life objectives that are important to you - Whether that’s saving for a deposit on your first home, paying kids university fees or provison for your retirement years. 

Our online advice service consist of seven investment portfolios with Defensive being the least risky portfolio and Progressive Growth being the highest risk portfolio. Our 5-year average annualised investment return for portfolios range from 3.3% to 12.6%, depending on the portfolio.

Portfolio Name/ Risk Profile Average Annualised 5 Year Performance
Defensive  3.3%
Conservative 5.1%
Cautious 6.5%
Balanced 10.3%
Balanced Growth 10.4%
Growth 11.7%
Progressive Growth 12.6%

Upon completing our online risk assesstment, we will recommend an investment portfolio based on your risk profile & objectives. We don't just leave you to pick any portfolio, rather we recommend a suitable portfolio based on the information you share with us. However, our online advice service allows limited flexibility, whereby you may only change to a different portfolio that sits on either side of what's initially recommended to you. So for example, if you are recommended a 'Conservative' portfolio then you may either pick a portfolio one lower than Conversative i.e. Defensive OR go one up i.e. Cautious.

NOTE - Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. As with any investment, your capital is at risk.

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