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Simplified Advice Online

Is this service right for you?


This online service is ideal if you have between £1,000 and £50,000 available to invest over a minimum period of 5 years, and you're looking for effective, low-cost investment management. It's not suitable if you have significant liabilities or debts (not including your mortgage), particularly if your liabilities are greater than your total assets.


To be eligible for this service you need to agree with each of the following statements:

  • I have money set aside in cash savings to cover any emergency expenditure – at least enough to cover three months’ usual outgoings.
  • I am happy that I have sufficient provision in place to provide for my dependents should I be unable to work or were to die (e.g. life/disability insurance or savings).
  • I do not have existing debts that would be better paying off.
  • I have no significant unsecured/unmanaged debts, such as credit cards, store cards, personal loans (excluding my mortgage).
  • I do not expect my financial situation to deteriorate in the short/medium term – e.g. through redundancy, retirement, illness.
  • If I’m saving for a house deposit I have considered and discounted Lifetime ISAs (LISAs) as a suitable option.


Please note the minimum amount needed to open SIPP account is £5,000.


The service is for United Kingdom residents only. If you become a resident of any country other than the UK you must inform us and we may have to close your account(s).


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