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Service Terms and Conditions

Please read our Service Terms and Conditions carefully, they set out the basis on which we will provide this service to you. If you require further information on these Terms and Conditions or do not understand these Terms and Conditions, please contact us.


We only charge an annual fee that is tiered within bands as follows:

  • 0.75% per annum for the first £50,999;
  • 0.70% per annum between £51,000 and £100,999;
  • 0.65% per annum between £101,000 and £250,999;
  • 0.40% per annum between £251,000 and £1,000,000m; and
  • 0.25% per annum above £1,000,000.

The charge is applicable on all investments, including unit trusts, OEICs, ETFs and cash.

The charge for this service is made up of platform and investment administration, simplified investment advice and investment management fees.

Fees are collected monthly in arrears based on the value of the account on the last business day of each month, pro rata for any part of the month the account was opened.

Underlying fund fees are estimated to be approximately between 0.48% and 0.73% per annum.

Please view Service Terms and Conditions for full details.

Additional Charges

  • If you fund your SIPP account from an employer deposit or contributions, there is a one-off £100 charge to cover administration cost for setting up employer contributions.
  • When you crystalise your pension, there is a a fee of £150.

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