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This is simply an online investment advice service which asks you a number of questions to understand your investment objectives and risk profile to then allocate you to a suitable portfolio of investments that are managed by us on an ongoing basis as your appointed Discretionary Investment Manager. You don't have to worry about the headache of picking individual investments - we do that for you. You benefit from our investment expertise to meet your financial goals. 

The advice service does not offer a full or broad assessment of your financial situation or consider any existing investments you may have. It is provided for individuals who wish to self serve and have decided that they do not want a full advice service. This service provides simplified investment advice which means it is limited to the specific amount of money you are investing through this service. It is a low cost way for you to invest your capital, or make regular savings, taking into account your investment objectives and the risk you are willing and prepared to take. 

The service offers the ability select your investment portfolio within the following wrappers / accounts:

  • General Investment Account
  • Stocks & Shares Individual Savings Account (ISA)
  • Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)


This online service is ideal if you have between £1,000 and £50,000 available to invest over a minimum period of 5 years, and you're looking for effective, low-cost investment management. It's not suitable if you have significant liabilities or debts (not including your mortgage), particularly if your liabilities are greater than your total assets.


To be eligible for this service you need to agree with each of the following statements:

  • I have money set aside in cash savings to cover any emergency expenditure – at least enough to cover three months’ usual outgoings.

  • I am happy that I have sufficient provision in place to provide for my dependents should I be unable to work or were to die (e.g. life/disability insurance or savings).

  • I do not have existing debts that would be better paying off.

  • I have no significant unsecured/unmanaged debts, such as credit cards, store cards, personal loans (excluding my mortgage).

  • I do not expect my financial situation to deteriorate in the short/medium term – e.g. through redundancy, retirement, illness.

  • If I’m saving for a house deposit I have considered and discounted Lifetime ISAs (LISAs) as a suitable option.


The minimum amount needed to open a SIPP account is £5,000. This can be in the form of new pension contributions or transfering existing pension(s). The minimum amount for Investment Account and Stocks & Shares ISA account is £1,000 lumpsum plus £50 per month. 


The service is for United Kingdom residents only. If you become a resident of any country other than the UK you must inform us and we may have to close your account(s).



We are one of UK's most prominent Investment Manager dedicated to Ethical and Sharia compliant investment management.

To build efficient investment portfolios, we do a number of things including the following: 

Ethical and Sharia compliance screening

At the initial stage of the investment process, all available investments are screened for Ethical and Sharia compliance based on criteria specified in Ethical Investment Policy Statement (EIPS). We have an Ethical Committee that determines the screening criteria and meets bi-annually to review investments and monitor adherence to set screening criteria. 

Determine suitable asset allocation for each portfolio

We believe getting the asset allocation right is a key determinant of investment performance. Simply put, asset allocation is all about deciding what percentage of portfolio should be invested into equities, property, bonds or alternatives for each given risk profile. In general, a high risk portfolio will have relatively more invested in equities compared to a low risk portfolio that will have more invested in bonds and cash. We look at various macroeconomic indicators including economic growth, inflation, interest rates, currency movements, political developments and global trends to help us identify key investment themes and opportunities in various sectors, industries or economies. This helps determine our initial asset allocation pararmeters for various investment strategies.

Due diligence on each investment 

Our recommended portfolios consist of diversified range of collective investments including funds and ETFs that we believe helps achieve optimum results based on a given risk profile.

We perform thorough due diligence on each investment we select as part of the portfolio. As a starting point, we review all ethical investments based on a number of important factors. Only after rigorously considering these factors do we feature them in a portfolio we believe should serve you well as an investor.

As part of our due diligence on funds, broadly, we look at a number of factors, including the following

  • Fund objectives
  • Fund investment strategy, holdings and investment allocation
  • Investment performance
  • Track record
  • Fund manager and investment team
  • Research and investment selection process
  • Liquidity and risk management
  • Sharia and ethical compliance and monitoring
  • Fund charges
  • Impact of external factors including economic environment or compliance on fund strategy

Moreover, we don’t simply rely on research or information supplied by the fund provider. We like to question the management team and meet with them where appropriate to ensure we have a clear understand of the fund and whether it can add value for our clients, along with how best the fund fits within the overall portfolio we create for each risk profile.  

Each portfolio aims to provide the best possible return for the risk targeted. Generally speaking, the more risk you take the greater the potential return but the greater the potential loss.

We have an investment committee that meets at least quarterly to review the performance and composition of our investment portfolios. 

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