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Financial planning

Save or invest: Getting the balance right?

Wasim Khan - October 10, 2019

Often individuals are caught between two minds on whether to save or invest and if so what amounts to allocate to each. To help answer this key question, defining savings and investments and its respective purpose may help.

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Why Bother?

Faizal Karbani - 20 January, 2020

In today’s busy and ever changing world, where the demands of modern life can be quite a challenge and often it is hard to keep everything on “track” – Muslims may question why should I bother trying to make sure my earnings, my investments, the finance I take are halal? Indeed, the whole question of halal finance, investments etc may seem relatively alien as the dominant paradigm in society is for financial matters to be purely secular – the question of religion doesn’t touch these issues ordinarily. Many Muslims living against this background are often ignorant or haven’t been taught about the Islamic perspective on finance.

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Time for Reflection and Action

Faizal Karbani - 11 April, 2020

As we are about to enter the blessed month of Ramadan, we are all also dealing with the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. Whilst Ramadan and the pandemic represent very different things; both prompt us to reflect on our lives, our relationship with our Creator and how we are conducting our affairs. A component of our reflections will undoubtedly centre around our finances.

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