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Why Bother?

Faizal Karbani - 20 January, 2020

In today’s busy and ever changing world, where the demands of modern life can be quite a challenge and often it is hard to keep everything on “track” – Muslims may question why should I bother trying to make sure my earnings, my investments, the finance I take are halal? Indeed, the whole question of halal finance, investments etc may seem relatively alien as the dominant paradigm in society is for financial matters to be purely secular – the question of religion doesn’t touch these issues ordinarily. Many Muslims living against this background are often ignorant or haven’t been taught about the Islamic perspective on finance.

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Islamic finance offers a model for ethical investors

Stuart Hutton - 01 October, 2019

Islamic finance provides a great template for ethical investing, regardless of a client’s personal religious beliefs, and is set to become an increasing mainstream choice for investors.

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Simply Ethical launches UK's first Sharia compliant Robo-advice service

17 June, 2019

We are delighted to launch UK's first Sharia compliant Robo-advice service that helps individuals invest ethically.

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