workplace pensions

What is it

Automatic enrolment is a Government initiative to help more people save for later life through a pension scheme at work. Automatic enrolment is currently being phased in for all UK Employers. Automatic enrolment has been rolled out, in stages, across all employers from October 2012, starting with the larger employers.

There are 33 mandatory tasks involved in complying with automatic enrolment. Your key responsibilities include:

  • Providing a Qualifying Workplace Pension Scheme; that is, one that complies with specific government criteria
  • Assessing your employees every pay period
  • Communicating with your employees 
  • Automatically enrolling every employee that is eligible
  • Re-enrolling eligible employees that opt out every three years
  • Providing a Declaration of Compliance to The Pensions Regulator (both within 5 months of the staging date but also every 3 years at your re-enrolment date) 
  • Paying contributions
  • Maintaining an audit trail
  • Safeguarding employees by ensuring they are not coerced into opting out of the scheme

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